Important Information

Please read this entire page before buying a slot machine from ANYONE – including us. It is important to know what you are buying and who you are buying from.

Consumer ALERT

Be forewarned that internet sites can easily mispresent information about their company and products. Not all companies are the same.

Things to check: Look for a company name. Some companies have no name, only a website. Check with the BBB. To do this, Google the company name and add the letters BBB to it. If no business name is available, Google the phone number instead, for example: “937-111-2222 BBB”.

Read the testimonials. Do they seem legitimate? Are you able to post testimonials directly to the site?

We are the only company that offers this service to everyone. If the company advertises 24 hour service and free support to anyone, test that. Most do not answer the phone nor will they help you.

Are there hidden charges? Some advertise low prices, and by the time all charges have been added, the price is higher than competitors.

Does the company actually work on the machines or just have them drop shipped by another company? Most utilize drop shipping. How long before the machine is shipped? Some will claim the following day but actually ship it a week later and then add on the standard 5-day shipping time to that.

Bottom Line – get it in writing – when making any large purchase – do the research. Would you buy a car without seeing it or believe everything someone tells you over the phone? No. Slot machine sales are no different. Get the facts. If the vendor mispresents one thing, they will mispresent others. Will they still take care of you as promised AFTER they get your money?

Our Statement To You as Our Valued Client

We have a warehouse with a constant combined stock of 30-60 machines depending on the season. We do not have a showroom keeping our overhead low to sell at better prices. All slot machine stands are made at the warehouse and we also supply other vendors who cannot make their own. Machines are always available for viewing or inspection prior to purchase.  All shipments can be tracked via the internet. We refurbish and support our own machines, no third parties. In addition our company will also refurbish, ship, and provide technical support for other vendors who cannot do it themselves.

We believe in fair business and will not make any claims or promises that we cannot keep. All vendors buy slot machines from brokers – all slot machines are used – all need refurbished before selling to the public – all should have warranties because they WILL need service at some point. Cars need maintenance, slot machines need maintenance. Whether it be a blown bulb or a question about the jackpot reset key, you will be making that second call to the vendor needing support and answers to your questions. Gamblers Choice will be there for your needs.

Are all casino style slot machines used?

Yes. This is true for all vendors. New slot machines are sold to casinos only. Most slot machines on the market now are 11-16 years old. But just like anything, if you take care of them they will last a very long time as they were originally built to endure many years of play in a casino.

Why do the prices vary from vendor to vendor?

Some vendors place hidden costs in ‘Shipping and Handling’ or the machine has some features that have been removed, such as the bill acceptor. Look for a clear defined price before purchasing.

How to decide which vendor to purchase from?

The key to purchasing a slot machine is being sure that support is provided throughout the life of the machine, which can be up to 20 years. A good test is to call a vendor requesting tech support and see if they are willing to take care of you. Some vendors do not support their products once they have your money. Some vendors do not have anyone on staff that can troubleshoot or fix problems. This is very common.

What questions do I ask before purchasing a slot machine?

1. Is the slot machine refurbished in-house?
2. Is the company available for troubleshooting?
3. Most importantly… not believe everything you read or hear.

What are error messages?

All casino style slot machines will display an error message if there is a problem. Error messages are displayed on the front door when something is wrong. This is where after-purchase support is important. Be sure the vendor you select has the in-house capability to know what the error message means and how to fix it quickly.

What are the most common technical problems with casino style slot machines?

1. Jammed bills in the bill acceptor. The bill acceptor should be cleaned every few months if used heavily.
2. Blown bulbs – each machine has 3 fluorescent kitchen/bath bulbs that are readily available at any hardware store. They are easily replaced and fairly inexpensive.
3. Dead battery on the motherboard – a battery can be obtained from the vendor or your local hardware store and can be replaced by using a soldering iron. Or the motherboard can be shipped to the vendor for replacement.
4. Adhesive holding the reel strips together comes apart – Use a strong clear tape as a replacement.

How does GamblersChoiceOnline differ from the rest?

Well there are other professional slot machine vendors that provide quailty products and services, we are not the only one. Our prices tend to be lower though because we do not have the added cost of a large showroom and we buy directly from a broker. We also have NO hidden charges. We only have a warehouse. We believe in customer support and answering any questions. We have one of the top technicians in Ohio that knows slot machines inside and out. Ideally we want to make sure that you are as happy months after your purchase as you felt the first day with your new machine.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns (937) 260-7341 or at: We’ll be happy to help you.